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It’s Saturday. The weekend is here. And so too is Kotaku’s daily open thread.

Minecraft may not be the hottest game in the world anymore. These days Fortnite seems to have overshadowed it. But it is still a hugely popular game and just like Fortnite, it has great crossplay support. So for the past couple of days, I’ve returned to Minecraft to hangout with friends. It’s oddly comforting in these days filled with isolation and bad news.

What are we doing? Nothing too exciting. We are just building up a big fortress, complete with large walls, gardens, animal pens and a large network of mineshafts. A few nights ago I completed a minecart network that can quickly get us from the surface to the deepest area of our mine. Finishing that project felt great. Then I moved on to building up our walls and cleaning up the mines. Getting stuff done these days, even in a video game, feels so good. And doing it with friends is even better.

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How’s it going? Playing any games with friends? Get anything done this past week? Any good news from your area?

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The Tetris Effect event today is in the Relax category, which is always time well spent doing a few quick plays to get SS rankings and a level up. Plus, it’s always a guaranteed event avatar, unlike Classic...

Oh, and Yakuza 5 grinding. Got all the gambling minigames done last night, and I’m just one fish away from being done with those, and then I can just enjoy Karaoke and fighting.

Thawing out some strawberries and rhubarb to bake into something, though what it’ll become is uncertain. Low on eggs, and not doing a store run until the end of the week, so just have to make sure it’s okay to use them.