How's It Going?: Long Haul Edition

Euro Truck Simulator 2
Euro Truck Simulator 2
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It’s not Monday anymore, so things are looking up. Welcome back to our daily open thread.


Last night I was reading about how different parts of my state are faring in terms of re-opening. New York City seems pretty far from being ready for any kind of return to daily life. This didn’t surprise me, but it was definitely a bit depressing. All things considered, I’ve been pretty OK during all of this—I still have a job and a home, my parents haven’t gotten sick despite how frequently they’re on their way to see friends when I call, I haven’t even run out of yeast yet—but it’s definitely wearing on me. Daily life has a sort of aimless scruffiness to it that I’m sinking into a bit. While I can live without movie theaters and beaches, I’m sad about how long it’s going to be until I can go for a run and just enjoy the outdoors, or go to the grocery store without fearing for the safety of the staff. My faith in human nature keeps making me think today is the day the government starts giving a shit about human life, but every day some new cruelty happens that makes me despair for what’s next. There’s a lot of things I feel on a daily basis that I’m ready to stop feeling, but I don’t think that’s going to happen soon.

How are you preparing for the long haul? How’s it going?

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I had a nightmare this morning. I suppose this dream took place after my state started opening up (coming this Monday), and I was in a cafe, and NOBODY was wearing a mask, or watching how close they were to others... they were just acting as if Covid-19 was over, cure-in-hand, everything is fine...

Nightmares commonly exaggerate, but nothing about this dream seemed far fetch, as I have been frequently enraged by people blithely ignoring social distancing practices if it meant 5 seconds of inconvenience.

I also spent all weekend in a heap, with barely the energy to game beyond faffing about in Animal Crossing for an hour or two. I dare say, anxiety-induced exhaustion is hitting critical mass.

Plus-side, I have two corgis to snuggle. Gonna get on that, right now :P