How's It Going? Labor Dabor Edition

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Day off, or off-day? Welcome to our daily open thread, but with an accent.

As a Brit, I honestly have barely any idea what Labor Day is, other than you can’t even spell it properly. My primary source is a thousand-year-old Homestar Runner puppet cartoon, and now hopefully you too shall be singing this over and over until you put drills into your brain.

My assumption is that it’s like a British bank holiday, where rich people get to take the day off, and everyone in lower-paid/essential worker jobs has to go to work anyway. Yay the labor movement!


(What better time to join a union, or start fighting to set one up where you work.)

Meanwhile, apparently I’ve somehow gained complete control of Kotaku, and have to somehow stop myself spending the entire day posting Homestar Runner clips. What are you getting up to?

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An off-day on my day off. I definitely need the time off, but I am not certain on how to spend it.