How's It Going?: Keep Your Distance Edition

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Welcome to Tuesday, and also welcome back to our daily open thread.

I thought getting a dog would be a great reason to have a purpose to get outside, but it’s making me realize how hard all this social distancing is on a practical level. I live in New York City, where it can feel impossible to keep far enough away from people. My foster dog really wants to be friends with everyone and can’t, and we spend most of our walks playing some kind of depressing stealth game of weaving and turning to try to stay away from everyone. It’s disappointing for her, and it’s stressful for me, and it’s making us both pretty sad. I’m really excited for the day when everyone gets to pet her! I also really hope my city heeds the call to close some of the streets to cars so we can spread out a little more. I think that would help a lot.


How are you dealing with social distancing? How’s it going?

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Hey Riley. Also in NYC. Am an essential worker in a group home for people with disabilities. It’s pretty depressing, the individuals who live here and scared, the staff are scared and we can’t get basic stuff we need. Am worried my job is going to turn into coming in each day to watch my friends die while I do nothing but hope I don’t get sick