How's It Going?: Joy Edition

“Happy New Year, Charlie Brown”
“Happy New Year, Charlie Brown”
Screenshot: Snoopy/YouTube

Welcome to Saturday! I’m working this weekend, which I guess would feel weirder if weekends meant anything besides getting to sleep in a bit. As is, a work weekend basically means looking at the same browser tabs I looked at yesterday, instead of different ones.


Despite this dour opening, and despite how down in the dumps I’ve felt lately, there’s been a lot of joy in my life this week. It rained while I was walking home with my CSA on Tuesday, one of those intense summer rains that doesn’t last very long. I stood in a doorway for a while with my bag full of vegetables and cried about how big and abundant the world can be, even when it feels scary and small. (I cry while bringing home my CSA pretty much every week, in a doofy religious way that feels silly to describe to others but is pretty nice, actually.) This week I also hung out in the park with a friend I’ve known for a long time, and it was nice to talk to someone who shares some of my context and can help me think about things in a bigger way than, say, Twitter often provides. Another friend recently sold me a used guitar that’s smaller than my old one, and I’m excited by how much easier it feels to play and hopeful I can get a little better at an instrument I really should be further along with after messing with it for so many years.

None of these are super notable things, but they reminded me that stuff like growth, connection, and exploration still exist, even when the world feels like a terrifying cesspit of horrors and I spend 99% of my time staring at my own walls. I need to get better at acknowledging the good things going on instead fixating on the parade of bad ones until I drive myself to despair.

So that’s my Saturday. How about you? How’s it going?



Wrapped up Carrion this afternoon. That’s a satisfying little game. Got exactly what I wanted out of it.

I’m doing fine besides that. Think I finally found a decent Chinese place that’s convenient to where I live. That fills a gap in my stable of takeout restaurants.