How's It Going? Hooray September Edition

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It’s still hot outside, the sun is still shining bright, but there is an end in sight. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

It’s going to be another month before the leaves start changing in my area, and who knows when the temperatures will drop from “it burns” to “this is nice,” but it is now September, and all of that goodness is on the way. I’m still not planning to go outside very much because of the whole *waves hands indicating everything*, but it’s nice to know the option will exist to comfortably do so. Soon we’ll be opening up our sliding doors, the cats will be comically plunging from our balcony, and the trees outside my windows will slowly die, and I’ll get to watch.

How are you folks doing?

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Faux Bravo

The weather in New England has been so nice the past few days. There’s still opportunity for summer to do something nasty to us, but hopefully it stays on the cool, dry side. It’s nice to be able to, I dunno, stand up or move slightly and not risk breaking into a sweat.

So far I’ve been on two outdoor dates with this new woman and it’s been awesome. But it’s also super frustrating that our options for things to do are super limited. Like, how many parks can we hang out in? Hopefully we can keep the momentum and figure something out. But at least it’s been awesome outside, and she has a dog. Bonus.

I’m now neck deep in the Skyrim Call of Cthulhu DLC. I guess I can’t bail on it now, because I killed a dragon last night and the villain dude came and took its soul. If that’s gonna happen every time I bother to fight one, we have a problem. So maybe tonight I can get through that and get back on track to the main quest.

After 60ish hours, I’m only level 25. Sometimes leveling feels so slow and some nights I feel like I gain a level or two, no problem.

I’m almost considering running around and leveling a bunch of magic just to get some skill points. I could be crafting a lot more, but I don’t generally have a lot of materials for it. Though I haven’t done enchanting at all, and I do have so much gear just sitting around that I’ve been unable to sell because vendors often don’t have enough money. That could be a quick and easy skill to level seeing as I’ve got tons of soul gems.

Oh well. As long as the game scales, there’s no real rush to get super high level.