How's It Going?: Home Repair Edition

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It’s Monday yet again. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I’m having a bit of a fruit fly problem in my apartment, which is annoying. I just made a bootleg trap out of apple cider vinegar and some plastic wrap, which is proving impressively efficient, if not a little gross. One of the consequences of being inside a lot thanks to social distancing is that it gives me plenty of opportunity to notice flaws with my apartment and stress out about them: Is that crack getting bigger? Why has this light switch never worked? How do I get this sink to drain faster? They’re all problems way too small for the landlord to care but just complicated enough (or far enough out of my physical reach) that I can’t fix them myself, but I have hours on end to gaze at them and grow more and more irritated. I don’t think I’ll ever be a homeowner besides the several years I spent living on a sinking boat, but I sure miss the fact that owning my own property meant I could take matters into my own hands, instead of trying to get the person who actually owns the place to do something. Would be nice to have a working bathroom light, though!


What’s bugging you today? How’s it going?


John Walker

Please provide step-by-step trap creation instructions. Ideally with diagrams.