How's It Going?: HL:VR But The AI Is Self-Aware Edition

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Half-Life VR but the AI is self-awareis a long and weird name for one of the best things on Youtube right now. The name isn’t really accurate at all, beyond the fact that technically someone is playing Half-Life in VR. But instead of just NPCs, other players control some of the characters Gordon encounters and they are a strange bunch. My favorite is Dr. Coomer. He loves ropes. You’ll see.

I’m a huge fan of Freeman’s Mind, which is still going and is now in Half-Life 2! And back in the day, I watched a lot of G-Man Squad. (It doesn’t hold up nearly as well in 2020, sorry to say.) This series is as good as either of these, combining mods, improv humor and planning to create a funny and oddly compelling show.


I only have one last thing to say: Do you have your passport?

Your Daily Simpsons Clip...has been Replaced With The 1st Episode Of HLVRBTAIISFA

How’s it going? You folks doing okay out there? Hopefully, this next week brings some good news!

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Zack Zwiezen

Look Gordon, a rope!”

The person who voices Coomer does a great job of recreating the tone and pacing of an actual Half Life NPC.