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How's It Going?: Hanging Out Edition

That 70s Show
That 70s Show
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It’s a very rainy Monday where I am, which seems appropriate for a Monday. Welcome back to our daily open thread.


I had two virtual hangouts this weekend. I hung out with a friend and some of her friends on Zoom, and I (finally) watched Parasite with some folks over Discord. (That movie is crazy! I was tempted to make this a Parasite-themed blog but worried I’d look behind the times, but feel free to talk about Parasite in the comments.) They were both a little clunky to get going—Zoom is weirdly finicky about working on my computer, and we faced the daunting task of introducing someone to Discord for the first time—but they ultimately worked out pretty well. It was cool to feel like I was spending time with other people and feel like I had a very sociable weekend, something I used to actively not want and now feel desperate for.

(I told my friend to remember to hang up Discord voice chat when we were done with it, which has been the source of much embarrassment for me in the past, as I wander my apartment talking to myself completely unaware that everyone can still hear me. Despite my repeated warnings, she forgot.)


If you’re hanging out with friends virtually, what are you using? What are you doing together? How’s it going?

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“Why yes, I do want to be on a 15 person video chat with my family. That will go so well”

It was actually very nice, if a bit cacophonous. Animal Crossing was just great this weekend, too bad we are back to the grind though.