How's It Going?: Growth Edition

High Maintenance
High Maintenance
Screenshot: HBO/YouTube

It’s Tuesday but it feels like Monday. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I spent a big chunk of the weekend binge-watching the HBO series High Maintenance because I didn’t cancel my HBO trial before I had to pay for it. I’ve meant to watch the show for years because a friend of mine was on it, but I’d always put it off because I’m not that into shows about drugs. It was really good, though! It gave me a lot of New York feels, especially how many scenes were shot in neighborhoods, bars, and boats I used to hang out in. It made me miss how the city feels when we aren’t locked down, but the more I thought about it I realized what I was feeling was more nostalgia for my younger days, when I lived a, let’s say, edgier life. (An episode about a dog walker getting caught with a guest in a client’s apartment hit me especially hard; when I was a dog walker, I never stole or did anything really bad in a client’s apartment, but I definitely cringe at some of the ways I helped myself to their spaces now.)


These feelings made me wonder if I’ve changed in a bad way as I’ve gotten older, become less up for adventure and less trusting of people. But in a positive way, maybe I’ve just gotten a little more chill and become more sure of what I want. I miss, say, the feeling of freedom in biking home drunk from an all-night punk show, but I don’t miss the drama or the gross cheap 40s. Is this growth, or just getting old and boring?

All of this is moot, of course, because we still can’t go anywhere or do anything! How was your long weekend at home? How’s it going?



The missus does not read microwave directions. She goes by recipes for anything else but if it’s some frozen thing (in this instance, a burrito) she just cooks it for an increment of time and if it’s still cold then in it goes for the same amount of time. Why can’t she just read the package? It says two and a half minutes! Why are you cooking it for a minute, checking it, in for another minute, still cold so another minute it is, and then has to wait even longer to eat it because of how fucking hot it is and some of it exploded open because she overcooked it? Why? Whyyyy?!? This shouldn’t be bugging me as much as it does but I can’t mention it to her without her taking it as an affront to who she is as a person. I like to think I’m not a monster. I just want stuff microwaved for the appropriate amount of time. Is that so wrong? I don’t think it is but maybe I’m the asshole. I don’t know anymore.