How's It Going?: Good Enough Edition

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, “Settle for Me”
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, “Settle for Me”
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Alas, it’s Monday. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I spent all weekend cooking, then not wanting the thing I cooked and cooking something else. Halfway through all this cooking I decided I was sick of my own cooking and really wanted pizza, but getting pizza would be the first time I’ve eaten out in four months, which seemed like too important of an occasion to waste on the middling pizza place near my house. However, I couldn’t decide what I’d want to eat instead, and after a lot of debating while getting hungrier and hungrier, I settled for a frozen pizza from the grocery store, a truly bizarre choice given my fridge full of actual food. (It hit the spot, though.)


I thought I’d shaken off my early quarantine compulsive cooking, so I’m a bit dismayed to see it back. Though it certainly makes sense: I’m feeling a lot of stress about New York reopening, and the stress is making me a little weird. The bar under my house is open for outdoor service, and I feel really torn between wanting to support them and feeling like it’s a terrible choice to actually go to a bar. It’s weird to have spent four months wanting nothing more than to drink a seltzer with my friends in the backyard, and now that I can do it I mostly stare out the window at everyone enjoying themselves with a mix of terror and envy. I stopped by last night to say hello to a friend, but after 10 minutes of awkwardly chatting at a distance through our masks I thought “This is a terrible idea” and fled guiltily. Zoom calls might be the frozen pizza of hangouts, but they still feel like they’re good enough for the time being.

How was your weekend? How’s it going?


Faux Bravo

Wait, wait. Isn’t so-so pizza from an actual pizza place better than any frozen pizza? What is happening here.

Based on how many cases are hitting in those big states, with all their openness, I’m going to avoid doing to many crazy things as Massachusetts re-opens. We’ll see if we can do it without our numbers skyrocketing, but you should almost definitely be wary in NYC, right? You’re all literally on top of each other.

It’s gonna be tough to resist movie theaters, but there won’t be much to see for a while even after they open anyway, I imagine. I’ll wear extra masks.

Games dabbled in this weekend: Titanfall 2 (on PC this time!), FF7, Ghostbusters Remastered, Overwatch, Hyrule Warriors. Not much grabbed me. Back to the drawing board.