How's It Going?: Friends Edition

Screenshot: YouTube

It’s Friday! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen another person; maybe it’s been that way for you too. I had been doing some Google hangouts and other virtual stuff, but that’s been hard to schedule this week. (Weird how busy you can get even though you’re just hanging around at home!) I’ve been talking to my sister on the phone, and it’s been nice to hear my nieces and nephews in the background. 


How are you staying connected with your friends? How’s it going?

(PS- My oldest niece loves the show Friends, because she’s a VSCO girl, a thing I’ve had to learn about because of her and which baffles me. Kids these days!)

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Friends and The Office are neck and neck for the worst, overrated, trash TV show.

Fight me.