How's It Going? Food Torture Edition

Left: Salmon Burger With Caper Dill Slaw Right: Swiss, white cheddar, Boursin, and French onion soup grilled cheese
Left: Salmon Burger With Caper Dill Slaw Right: Swiss, white cheddar, Boursin, and French onion soup grilled cheese
Photo: Battle And Brew

Help, I am being tortured by a local gaming-themed eatery. Welcome back to our daily open thread.


I live maybe five miles away from Battle and Brew, Atlanta’s oldest and most beloved geek restaurant. They’ve got gaming, trivia, computers, booze—basically all the things gamers need to get into trouble. Most importantly, they have AMAZING food. Every damn day they show the most amazing creations on their Twitter. Creative comfort food, oozing with cheese and sauce and love. Look at this.


It’s worth noting that, in my current condition, I cannot drive, and considering the state of my immune system that’s probably for the best. It is also worth noting that every damn food delivery service puts me just outside the range of Battle and Brew. I’ve had my wife go pick up food from them once during quarantine, but I feel bad imposing on her. So I watch the food. I watch, and I drool. I swear, when we’re on the other side of covid-19, I am moving in there.

So, hungry? How’s it going?

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That sandwich sounds like too much. Sometimes an idea crosses from “amazingly decadent” into the realm of disgusting, and that sandwich falls on the wrong side of the line. Hell, I don’t think Guy Fieri would got that far, and if you’re more extreme than that asshole you’ve gone horribly awry. On the other hand, I live near Melt Bar & Grilled and they go crazy with some of their sandwiches sometimes (pierogis on a grilled cheese immediately comes to mind), so I guess I can’t judge too much? And yeah, getting semi-expensive take-out during quarantine feels wrong, hence why we’ve only picked up Melt once this year. Hell, even Wing Stop feels like an indulgence we don’t deserve.

(side note: I used to go to the annual local food show, and they’d have Food Network chefs giving demonstrations throughout the day. The first year Guy was there was right after Triple D started, and he was really chill up on stage in his Hawaiian shirt. The following year he was wearing a chef’s coat and spent the entire demo hawking his books and new line of knives. So yeah, that motherfucker sold out quick).

We’re trying to crack down on our parenting now that the kid is getting ready for kindergarten. We’ve been pretty lax during quarantine because, yeah, but we’re trying to ramp up for the school year. I don’t know what it is about single children but they always turn into brats. We don’t even spoil that kid that much, but maybe we let her get away with too much? Earlier she broke down sobbing and throwing a tantrum because an app on her tablet was too quiet, and then stared at the ceiling and rolled her eyes when I attempted to explain why that wasn’t acceptable behavior. Pro-tip: Don’t have kids.