How's It Going?: Focus Edition

Screenshot: USA/YouTube

It’s Wednesday; we’re getting there! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I’m having a hard time concentrating lately, though I’m trying to just make myself start tasks. Once I get started on something it’s easy to keep going, but I’ve been having a hard time picking what to do next and spend a lot of time debating everything. This was true of pre-pandemic me too; I am a chronic overthinker at the best of times. But there’s only so much time one can spend staring into space thinking “Arg, what should I do?!..” and making weird sounds.


Speaking of decision-making, I feel like I can’t possibly eat this incredibly death metal cabbage I got in my CSA, but I can’t just marvel at it until it goes bad, right?

Choices, choices! What about you? How’s it going?


I had to log on after hours to do a server upgrade, which meant I was technically working until 2am, and I still have to put in a full 8-hour day today. Wheeeee!

Working from home has really demonstrated the sorry state of my wardrobe. Before I would spend half the day in business casual and change when I got home so it wasn’t a big deal. Now that I’m wearing casual clothing all the time it’s put a bit of a strain on laundry. I bought a bunch of extra jeans back in March, but now my issue is shorts. I’m 6'4" and built like a truck, so I struggle to find stuff in my size even in the best of times. I’m stuck in that weird limbo between normal retail size and “Big & Tall.” Also, the latter pisses me off because the sizes all assume you’re 8'/500 lbs, not just one or the other. Ordered some new cargo shorts that were on sale, so we’ll see how that goes.