How's It Going?: Fake Radio Stations Edition

Radios seen in Alan Wake
Radios seen in Alan Wake
Screenshot: Remedy Entertainment

It’s another open thread. It’s also another Saturday. It’s a lot of things. But whatever, come on in and chat.


One of my favorite parts of GTA games, and all open-world games set in the modern world, are the radio stations. I don’t listen to the radio in real life anymore. And the few times I did it was always commercials, boring DJs and music I had heard before. But in games, fake radio DJs are so much cooler. The pacing is better and the ads are funny and over quickly. It’s like an idealized version of what the radio could be in a perfect world. A mix of good music, funny hosts, and quick bites of weird advertising.

I also enjoy fake radio stations in games like Prey or Alan Wake. In those games the stations are a part of the world and listening to them feels like you are experiencing some weird night alone in a car, driving along a dark highway with only the radio for company.

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How’s it going? Anyone out there still a big radio listener? How are things in your area these days? Hopefully, folks are wearing masks and being careful!

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The only radio station I listen to anymore is NPR, and that’s only in the car. Ive not been too big on GTA style open world games since San Andreas, and I’ve never really put too much thought into ingame radio stations like those. I don’t really listen to external music or podcasts when playing games, much more prefering in game music except in a few cases. My big peeve on that is that I largely can’t mute the in game music but leave the sound effects in place.