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How's It Going?: Errands Edition

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This song is NOT about errands; you’ve been warned.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This song is NOT about errands; you’ve been warned.
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What do you know, it’s Tuesday. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

Yesterday I went to the pharmacy and had a socially-distanced adventure with a stranger as we searched for bar soap. It was the most social interaction either of us had had in months, and it was fun, if not a little depressing. This particular pharmacy locks up basically all of its essentials, and also doesn’t have enough staff to come unlock said essentials for you, which sends a pretty chilling message about how they think of their customers. It all felt worth it to get to talk to a stranger, though, and it made me realize how much random, casual social interactions are missing from my life. Plus, I managed to find soap not locked in an offensive plexiglass cage at another pharmacy, so wins all around.


What’s up in your life these days? How’s it going?

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I tell people that I get all of the social interaction that I need for the day by stopping by Walmart for ten minutes. Not because Walmart is terrible and makes me lose faith in humanity, but because just interacting with a couple of people for five seconds a piece is enough for my introverted little heart. I was running quick errands every couple days during stay at home orders (while wearing a mask) and that’s probably what helped sustain me. I was fairly critical about fast food chains staying open because I’d hardly consider Chik-fil-A an essential business, but the ability to run out and grab a taco changed my tune.

Wife and I played Clubhouse Games 51 last night.We own physical copies of most of the stuff, but having a computer to calculate the possible scores in Yahtzee changed her mind. Some of the games worked better than others using the Joy-cons. Darts reminded me of the old days of Wii sports experimenting with motion controls, but table hockey definitely needs a touch screen. Once I found out about local-play only requiring a single copy I was sold on the concept, so we’ll try that out next.