How's It Going?: Drink More Water Edition

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Over the last few years of my life, I’ve really tried to increase my daily intake of water. (Especially because I do shit like this to my body.) Since drinking more water, I feel and sleep better. It’s nice. But for a long time, I used a big mason jar to drink water from. It looked nice and was cheap, but it didn’t hold a lot of water and would often get knocked over or get warm quickly. So I decided to buy a brand new water bottle and I’m very happy I did. I went to Target and found one that was big, sturdy, and had a built-in straw and no spill-lid. I ended up getting this bottle. It has worked out super well. I drink more water and during the hotter days around here, the water doesn’t get warm nearly as fast.

If you are looking to drink more water, I suggest buying a new water bottle. If anything you might guilt yourself into using it since you spent $15-20 on it. And your body doesn’t care if the water you intake is through guilt or good faith. It all helps in the end.


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How’s it going? I feel like I’ve entered a state where I flip-flop between seeing some good news about COVID-19 and get hopeful and then I see bad news and go back to thinking we won’t be done with this for years.

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Faux Bravo

I sweat and work out entirely too much to not drink water. I recently stopped (mostly) drinking caffeine hoping that would be helpful in staying better hydrated too.

It sucks, because even with a filter, the tap water in this town is gross. I drink it anyway, but it’s not great.

I get these things so it’s not all water all the time. I need flavor and carbonation in my life. And they come in lots of flavors. It’s like drinking juice, but no sugar. Maybe the sucralose will kill me. I dunno.

No video games yet today, but something’s coming for sure. Went to boxing this morning, made lunch, and now I’m just lying around watching a kung fu movie. That Donnie Yen is a fun guy. It’s making me want to finally take a crack at Sleeping Dogs.

I wish there were more kung fu and Chinese themed games. Maybe something new that isn’t related to Journey to the West for once. I don’t understand why kung fu movies and games aren’t more popular. It might be time to get some Dynasty Warriors back in my life, too. And for my kung fu school to open back up full time again. *sigh*