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How's It Going?: Drink More Water Edition

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Over the last few years of my life, I’ve really tried to increase my daily intake of water. (Especially because I do shit like this to my body.) Since drinking more water, I feel and sleep better. It’s nice. But for a long time, I used a big mason jar to drink water from. It looked nice and was cheap, but it didn’t hold a lot of water and would often get knocked over or get warm quickly. So I decided to buy a brand new water bottle and I’m very happy I did. I went to Target and found one that was big, sturdy, and had a built-in straw and no spill-lid. I ended up getting this bottle. It has worked out super well. I drink more water and during the hotter days around here, the water doesn’t get warm nearly as fast.


If you are looking to drink more water, I suggest buying a new water bottle. If anything you might guilt yourself into using it since you spent $15-20 on it. And your body doesn’t care if the water you intake is through guilt or good faith. It all helps in the end.

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How’s it going? I feel like I’ve entered a state where I flip-flop between seeing some good news about COVID-19 and get hopeful and then I see bad news and go back to thinking we won’t be done with this for years.