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How's It Going?: Cleaning Edition

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Another Sunday, another open thread. Come on in, take a break, grab a snack and chat with folks about...anything you want!

The last few days have been a wild time for my girlfriend and me. Good wild! We got approved for an apartment and signed a lease. It’s bigger and should work better for us than our current place. But as we get ready to move, we’ve started packing and cleaning this place. And while cleaning you sometimes find random pieces of your past.


My girlfriend found a notebook containing notes from an old review I wrote years ago for another site that doesn’t exist anymore. She also found weird artifacts from past midnight launch events I had attended. A Halo 4 dog tag. A patch from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. And some missing LEGO minifigs. I’m not sure if I’ll keep any of this stuff and odds are if I do keep some of it, eventually it will get lost again and years later I’ll find it while cleaning. The cycle will continue.

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How’s it going? While you’ve been stuck inside have you got any cleaning done? Or has your place become dirtier? Any plans for the week?