How's It Going?: Chores Edition

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Welcome to Tuesday, and welcome back to our daily open thread.

I have to go to the grocery store today, which I’ve managed to avoid for the last couple weeks. I feel nervous about it, which I feel bad about (feeling a negative emotion, and then feeling bad about feeling that emotion, is one of my great skills.). It seems a bit unfair that in the midst of all this there are still chores to stress about: floors to clean, dishes to wash, laundry to do. At the same time, there’s something a bit nice about life continuing to go on, even if that going on is some of the crappier parts, like scrubbing my shower.

What’s going on for you today? How’s it going?

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Honestly? Pretty shitty.

Started a new job last week that’s currently all remote. There’s a lot of process stuff and not being face to face with my manager has been tough. He’s very busy and I’m someone who doesn’t like to interrupt people so I’ve been stressing about even asking tiny questions. Couple that with a company that pushes deadlines every day and I’ve been just a ball of stress over something that, historically, I should be able to pick up pretty quickly.

And “self-care” has taken on an entirely new dimension in this Corona ravaged world and I’m still trying to find what works best for me. My normal methods just haven’t really been cutting it.