How's It Going?: Bug Edition

Home Movies. Please get this reference.
Home Movies. Please get this reference.
Screenshot: YouTube

It’s Wednesday I, uh, guess? Welcome back to our daily open thread.

Yesterday was a very bad day in the world, as the majority of them seem to be these days. I spent a long time confirming how terrible everything is to a friend over Zoom last night, then lay in bed desperately trying to think of anything good. This morning, my brain, tired of worrying about big things, decided it would worry about minor things, as a treat. I still have to start planning to run my first marathon this fall, even though I still can’t imagine it’s going to happen but won’t know it’s not going to happen until long after I’ll have to have been training and fundraising for it anyway. I only own winter running gear, so I started digging around for some summer clothes, but I’m painfully short and don’t fit in most adult clothes. (I have been trans for two decades, but nothing flashes me back to those early, dysphoria-filled days like wearing clothes that are too big, so buying clothes is A Whole Thing for me.) Being annoyed about tiny problems from the “before times”—looking for boys’ size running shirts that don’t scream “I am 10 years old,” while feeling bad and inadequate about myself and my body—was at least an annoyance I could laugh at, but it did lead me to shout “even THIS is bad!” and just barely manage to avoid hurling my computer across the room in overly dramatic despair. These days, life feels far too full of metaphorical bugs and far too devoid of...whatever the opposite of bugs are.

What’s bugging you today? How’s it going?

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God, I loved everything from the early days of Adult Swim. ATHF, Sealab 2021, The Brak Show, Space Ghost, Home Movies, Mission Hill (even though it was a rebroadcast), Harvey Birdman, all those shows were so great.

I’ve been so out of sorts the past few months from things like work, work adjacent, and the covid response, its been so draining. I feel like last week and this week, I’ve been able to turn a corner and shed some of that toxicity that was building up inside of me. I still feel a bit of it though.

Edit because I forgot. The lead image is from the Home Movies episode about the Franz Kafka musical that Dwayne writes.