How's It Going? Avengers Edition

She closes her eyes every time I attempt photo mode.
She closes her eyes every time I attempt photo mode.
Screenshot: Square Enix

Avengers assemble, I suppose. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

Now that the weekend beta testing for Marvel’s Avengers is in full swing, I can finally share my bad screenshots of Ms. Marvel and big sweaty green man. While most of my weekend was eaten up by chores, I did attempt to get back into the PlayStation 4 beta to see if I could possibly warm-up to Superhero Anthem. Unfortunately, it’s still not doing it for me. Maybe it’s the whole beta thing. Knowing my progress is going to be completely reset prior to launch might be keeping me from fully engaging. I refuse to give up hope. I’m the guy who liked Battleborn, dammit.


How’s it going on your end?

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Adam Withers

Does anybody else find the Avengers game just, like, profoundly unattractive? They all look lumpy and bland; the men all look like they’re coming out of retirement after letting themselves go for five years. They’re the bland suburban parent version of themselves. Or, like, cut-rate knockoffs from an Asylum movie “Avenging Heroes! Starring Lieutenant American! Steel Man! And Thörr!”

It’s really put me off the game. I can’t imagine spending 40 hours staring at these unbelievably bland, uninteresting designs. They aren’t even unattractive in an interesting way that gives them character or personality! They’re just, like, stock 3d models with Party City grade Halloween costumes on.