How's It Going?: Anticipation Edition

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Rocky Horror Picture Show
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We’re halfway through the week! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I picked up my last CSA box yesterday, and since then I’ve been really excited about the dinner I’m going to make from it tonight. Most of the things I’m looking forward to are hazy future possibilities, so it feels really nice to have something concrete and near-term to be excited about, even if it’s just learning to reverse sear a steak.


Is there anything you’re looking forward to that won’t have to wait until after however long this goes on? How’s it going?



Bought Borderlands on Monday and played for a bit last night. So far so good. Opted for the beast master. Might change the character name to Gar. If you don’t know why then you’re too young or maybe just uncultured or something. No judgement here. Just pity that you missed out.

Personal note: Not sure how but I’ve been losing weight since this began. I guess not going out for lunch and breakfast every weekday is having an effect because I’m down a pant size (36 -> 34). I’m not working out every day and sometimes it’s just yoga but it’s something. I’m just not snacking, though. Really only eating at meal time and maybe some fruit or pistachios in between. We order out for dinner 2-3 times a week and usually just pick it up from close by.

I’m looking forward to going out when this is all over but I feel like I won’t sit down at a restaurant for at least 2-3 weeks after the order is lifted because of that whole “second wave” that’s likely to hit. Not looking forward to that.