How's $99 For A Year Of PlayStation Now Sound?

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Overshadowed yesterday by things like the gameplay reveal of the Final Fantasy VII remake and the announcement of Ni No Kuni II, Sony also announced a limited-time 12 month subscription to... man, that Ni No Kuni II looks amazing.


What were we talking about? Oh yeah, PlayStation Now, Sony’s streaming game service, gets a $99 12 month subscription plan for a limited time starting on December 8. The announcement was accompanied by the addition of eleven Warner Bros. PlayStation 3 games to the service, including a couple that are Warner Bros. PlayStation 4 games as well. That’s three Arkham games, two Netherrealm fighters, one very good but very old shooter and five LEGO titles.

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Is it worth it? Considering a one month subscription to the service is $19.99 and three months is $44.99, getting an entire year for just under $100 is relatively amazing.

Of course the service’s worthiness to you depends on how good your network connection is and how many of the games on the ever-increasing list you don’t own but want to play. I do think it would make a pretty great Christmas gift, because it’s something no one would ask for but just about every PlayStation gamer could get at least a little use out of.

Ultimately, that Final Fantasy VII remake footage was off the chain.

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oh we were talking about ps now? price is still too high for me and the connection speeds required for a solid experience are simply not standard where i live