How Xbox Live Works On Windows Phones 7 Series

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As expected, Microsoft's Steve Balmer announced Xbox Live support for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 series at the Mobile World Congress, but what exactly will Xbox Live users be able to do on their phones?

According to the official press release, not all that much. Accessing Xbox Live through the Windows Phone 7 Games hub will allow you to collect achievements, building your Gamerscore on the go, check out Xbox Live leaderboards, and manage your friends list. You'll be able to play certain turn-based games, though not in real-time - one player takes a turn, and then waits for the other to receive it and respond. And you'll also be able to look at your Xbox Live avatar, which you can do with any phone with a web-browser right now anyway.


"Windows Phone 7 Series was built from the ground up with entertainment in mind, and its unique design allowed us to bring some of the best gaming and community features of Xbox LIVE to the Windows mobile platform," said Ron Pessner, general manager of Xbox LIVE Mobile. "It has always been our vision to expand the Xbox LIVE service to connect people to their games, entertainment and friends wherever they go, and the launch of Windows Phone 7 Series is an important step toward that goal."

Mind you he says it's a "step toward that goal." Hopefully that means that we'll eventually have much more to be excited about as far as Windows phones and Xbox Live are concerned.

Check out a video of the Windows Phone 7 Series in action below.

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You know how could MS beat Apple? Unified online/achievement system for phone apps.

Basically, the same as XBox Live, but with a phone: voice chat, small apps with 100G of achievements points, etc.