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How Xbox Live Could Work For Games In The Real World

People have been trying to turn regular tasks - from desk jobs to chores - into games for years. It's called "Gamification", and the word makes me want to scratch my own eyeballs out. But this app idea, which brings the concept of stuff like Xbox Live to real world sport, is a lot more interesting.

Jogabo started as a website geared towards helping casual/recreational football players find a game. Its creators are thinking big, though, and have launched a campaign to get an app built that would turn you into a walking football avatar/gamerscore.


As the vid above shows, it combines social networking, activity logs and achievements. I play a lot of football socially, especially during the Summer, and if they can get this app working this well - and people can actually start using it - it'll be amazing.

Those put off by the football focus, I guess if it takes off it wouldn't be too hard to adapt it for stuff like basketball?


Jogabo [Indiegogo, via Beautiful Gear]

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Greg the Mad

At soccer? That's kinda redundant.

I'm planing is to make a Home-Chores Hero once it's possible.

Vacuum that Floor! You hit bonus dust below the kitchen counter!
Clean the Shower! Clear swipe: 10 ... 20 ... 30 ... 40cm of a clean swipe!
Hang Cloth! 2 sock-combo! 3 sock-combo, without reaching for new clips!!!!
Fold Cloth! Well folded. Failed Folding! PERFECT FOLD!

I believe this would change the life of many people.