Madfinger Games' ambitious follow-up to zombie shooter Dead Trigger is one of the poster games for Nvidia's new Tegra 4 chip, the power behind the upcoming Shield handheld. Today the developer has released a video demonstrating how much moister the game will look on the powerful new tech.


There are other effects in there as well — smoke and particles and such — but man, the ground in Dead Trigger 2 is going to be so wet. Even the interior location shown here has been flooded, which I guess is something that happens when the zombie apocalypse comes. Everyone is too busy dying to drink water.

As a game, Dead Trigger 2 sounds rather nifty. Players will come into the game on the second year after the zombie outbreak, and from there the game will evolve according to the actions of the playing community. Players waiting until next year to play wilkl be stepping into year three of the infestation. That's a really cool concept.


As a Tegra 4 tech demo, Dead Trigger 2 is so wet.

The game will release later this year as a free-to-play iOS and Android offering, with developers still pondering a simultaneous release on ruled out the possibility that Dead Trigger 2 will appear simultaneously on the MacStore, Steam and Facebook.

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