How Well do You Know Your 90s Video Games?

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Total RecallTotal RecallTotal Recall is a look back at the history of video games through their characters, franchises, developers and trends.

Reader Saybox has made this terrific timewaster of a browser game, which tests your 90s game knowledge by asking you to "name that tune".


There are 93 games in total listed, and if you're stuck, there are a limited number of hints you can get. I have little shame in saying I could get less than half of these.

Were you a Nineties Gamer? [Kongregate]

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53/93 on first listen with no hints.

77/93 once I went through and used 1 point hints on a few.

91/93 with screens. God I played too many games in the 90s...

Had to look up how to get the three secret questions, would never have done them otherwise. Easy enough games though.

No clue what row 5 game 2 is. Soccer, ok. No clue from there.

Row 3 column 6. Racing game of some type. Never played it.

Listening through these made me realize once again that Genesis and SNES music sounded 100% different. Namely, that Genesis music sounded like ass and that Yuzo Koshiro could still somehow make that thing sing.

So many issues with this quiz... So many games were easier than they should be, others weren't named correctly, etc. Having to put numbers on some and not on others was obnoxious. Spoilers ahoy!

Starfox is apparently one word.

Megaman is also apparently one word.

Aero the Acro-bat has a dash in it. That cost me 3 hints before I retried with punctuation.

Got Killer Instinct in <1 note. All it took was the rise. :)

Wasted a screen on SoR2 even though I *knew* the game. Stupid numerals.

Streets of Rage 1 AND 2?! Really?

Ducktales was released in 1989. And on NES. Bad form! Wasted hints cause I didn't think NES.

Tetris was also NES and 1989. No hints wasted here, just annoying.

Alex Kidd was 89. And that screen is from the Master System version.

Punch-out should be named Super Punch-out.

Lost more than a few hints on James Pond 2. I had forgotten it had a subtitle.

Would never have gotten the WWF game without the hint and much attempting to remember names of WWF events.

NHL? That's it? Really?

Other comments going through this:

I had completely forgotten about Cosmic Spacehead till now.

Cool Spot had amazing music.

Kid Chameleon was hard as hell.

My god Shaq-Fu's music was atrocious.

Zoop. Great tagline (based off the hint)