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If you wear glasses, like I sometimes do, you know that sickness masks fog them up right quick. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has tips on how to avoid that.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, there are two ways to prevent fogging up: One is to simply fold the top fourth of the mask before wearing it. The second way, if you don’t want to sacrifice mask size, is to put a tissue at the top of the mask, over the bridge of your nose.


The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department issued these tips back in late December for cold and allergy prevention. Lots of people wear sickness masks for all kinds of reasons, though, so they’re helpful year-round.

The first 26-seconds of the clip below have an easy walkthrough:

Many people in Asia and around the world are wearing sickness masks right now due to fears about the coronavirus, but they’re also helpful for trying to avoid seasonal colds and for dealing with pollen allergies. If you wear glasses and need a sickness mask at any point, these are helpful tips. 

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