The above video will not help you in real, three-dimensional life. But it should help you understand how you'd be able to move if you could sidestep your way into a fourth spatial dimension—sort of like what might happen if a character in a 2D cartoon leapt into our 3D world.

This fourth-dimension stuff will be possible in the video game Miegakure, a long-in-the-making indie for PC, Mac and Linux that I've been writing about since it first started bending my brain in 2010.

What you're seeing above is a trailer for it. The game's title is Japanese for "hidden from sight," a fitting name, since, technically, it is displayed on a 2D screen and is showing 3D "slices" of a 4D world that is physically impossible for us to see or for a computer screen to display all at once.

You can read more about the trailer from the game's creator over at the official Miegakure blog. There is no release date yet, but Ten Bosch is showing the game in the big indie booth at this weekend's PAX convention in Seattle.


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