​How To Trick Destiny Into Helping You Farm Tons Of Loot

Once you've made it past level 20 in Destiny, you can only gain more levels by scoring better gear. And if you want to do that, chances are you've tried your hand at farming.


Any enemy can drop those shiny loot engrams, so you can go "farm" loot from enemies in just about any location in the game. That said, some locations are much more efficient than others.

Last week, we shared this farming location on Venus, which seemed like a good spot to go mow down endless mobs and, over time, pick up some good loot drops. Turns out there is at least one much more efficient way to do it.

Shared by YouTuber High0nPCP, this method relies on exploiting the game's checkpoint system to quickly kill a whole bunch of enemies, then reset them and do it all over again.

Here's what you do:

  1. Begin the Moon story mission "The Dark Beyond." Change the difficulty to be a few levels below where you're currently at, so it's not too easy.
  2. Play through the mission up through the cutscene where your character finds the dead guardian outside the big moon door.
  3. When the fallen come rushing out of the door, shoot all of the thralls that charge you, but ignore the knights and acolytes. Stay at the bottom of the stairs, and let the knights and acolytes kill you. You'll respawn immediately before the door opened, but whatever loot the thralls dropped will remain.
  4. Repeat over and over again, and watch the loot pile up.
  5. Profit.
  6. Optional Minigame: Every time Ghost exclaims "We've woken the Hive!" respond by crying "Whatever shall we do??" in your most panicked voice.

This farming method is deviously simple, and a great way to use Destiny's checkpoint system to your advantage. I did it for about 30-40 minutes with the difficulty at level 20 and got the haul you see in the gif above. Not bad. A couple runs didn't net me much gear I could use (my non-legendary armor is basically maxed out), but I did get a cool new legendary fusion rifle.

One thing I found: If you mess up and accidentally kill all of the enemies, thereby advancing to the next checkpoint, just collect your loot, extract out to your ship, and then immediately go back into the mission. You'll resume the mission just before the cutscene, so you won't have to replay the first few sections.


You can watch High0nPCP demonstrate here:

Granted, farming isn't as fun as the many other ways to get good gear. But it does work, and this method requires so little focus or attention that it's a cinch to do it while, say, using Vita remote play and also watching TV.


Happy moon-farming, everyone.

[ h/t Nicholas]


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Oh... so that's why whenever I play Destiny for about a half hour, I strongly feel like going back to Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition.