How To Survive In Aliens Vs. Predator

I've noticed from my time playing an Alien in the Aliens Vs. Predator multiplayer demo, that many of you don't know how to block. Sega fixes that, with this helpful close combat techniques video, dammit.


I've been dominating rounds in the Aliens Vs. Predator PC demo for several days now, and now Sega wants to ruin my fun. It seems folks who choose the Colonial Marines aren't used to first-person games where a large percentage of the enemy players jump right at you, tearing into you with their claws. I've used this to my advantage since the demo was released last week, but now my fun time is over. Thanks a lot, Sega.

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I dunno, I would have preferred a straight up Aliens game where its a few Colonial Marines vs. a ridiculous number of Aliens.