The Witcher 3’s final piece of free DLC, which adds a more challenging New Game+ mode, is out. The first challenge: actually starting a New Game+.

It’s not actually very complicated, but if you don’t fully read the dialogue box that pops up notifying you about the new mode, it’s possible to wind up a little flummoxed. Here’s what you do, once you’ve made sure you have the DLC installed.

  1. Load your most recent save, from anytime after you completed the story.
  2. Make a new manual save.
  3. Go back to the main menu and start a new game, pick your difficulty/tutorial options, and select “New Game+” when given the option. Select the save game you just created to import for the NG+—other saves won’t work.
  4. Enjoy fighting tougher enemies and probably making most of the same decisions all over again!


I’ll post some more in-depth impressions of New Game+ soon.