How to Speak Dragon: Here are Your Skyrim Achievements

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We already know that the next Elder Scrolls game's going to suck up a bunch of your time. Days, weeks, maybe even months, depending on how you play. But how much is it going to spit out in sweet, sweet Achievements? For the answer, the officially unofficial Bethesda blog links to Xbox 360 Achievements, where the full list of 50 achievements is on full display.

For example, you'll get 30 gamer points for "One With the Shadows," where you return the Thieves Guild to its former glory. And maxing out a skill to 100 nets you "Skill Master", good for 40 GP.


Be warned that some info lurking there might considered mild spoilers, like exactly how many pockets you'll need to pick to hear that precious Cheevo chime sound off. Ok, maybe not that one. But, seriously: tread carefully.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Achievements [Xbox 360 Achievements]

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I have a question about the big spider in the picture. Is that a regular monster, or is that a boss that appears one time? Is it a creature that you can go the entire game without seeing? Because that would be great.