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How To Skate It On Wii And DS

Skate It is the newly announced version of EA's Skate for the Nintendo Wii and DS, and while Crecente did an excellent job of explaining the controls yesterday in his hands-on report, EA saw fit to release videos showing how things are done in the world of Skate It. Interestingly enough the two videos feature no actual gameplay, rather showcasing a real-life skater performing the moves with the controls displayed in a tiny box in the lower right corner. In fact, both the Wii and DS versions of the vid feature the same song and the same video, with only the control boxes replaced. Way to go the extra mile there. Hit the jump for the DS version of the clip. The Wii controls look to translate the act of skateboarding to the Wiimote quite nicely, while I am sure the DS version is an extremely accurate simulation of drawing lines on a board.


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I don't think that it's challenging, it's that the Wiimote's sensors suck at picking up precision anything. Try fighting people in Okami Wii, and watch how hard it is to pull off a combo. Took me over an hour to get the Four Winds combo right. It's going to be very hard to chain tricks together in this game if the Wiimote picks up your motion wrong and you spin in the other direction, or fall off your board. Which is probably exactly what'll happen.