How To Score Unlimited Money And Experience In Dragon Age II

Want to gain fame, fortune, and power in Dragon Age II without trudging through all of those tedious quests? GameFront has unearthed a glitch that grants a player unlimited wealth and experience with the press of a button. Wanna see?

Before you watch the video, ask yourself if you really want to cheat your way to power in Dragon Age II. Is skyrocketing to the level cap and filling your pockets with easy coin really the best way to experience all the game has to offer? Why not just play through the game the normal way, braving the challenge of - you're already watching the video, aren't you?


Note that they are using the Xbox 360 version of the game to show off the exploit, so if you're on the PC or PlayStation 3 results may vary.

I'd expect a patch for this exploit to come swiftly, once BioWare figures out how to fix it, so if you plan on being a no-good dirty cheater, do it fast.

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough [Game Front - Thanks Schroeder!]

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