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How To Run Backwards-Compatible Xbox 360 Games On Xbox One

Xbox One consoles are now backwards compatible with some Xbox 360 games. How do you play supported Xbox 360 games on an Xbox One? What happens with disc-based games? We’ve got a short video tutorial for you.


Microsoft’s console supports around 100 360 games right now, with more to come.

Weirdly, the Xbox One store doesn’t currently let you buy any of the backwards-compatible games. You can buy them digitally from an Xbox 360 or Or, of course, you can get them on disc.


If you have save files for those games, upload them from your Xbox 360 by saving them to the cloud. Your Xbox One will grab them automatically.

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Question - I bought the fallout 3 goty edition last year. I now have received a digital copy of fallout 3 with my fallout 4 purchase. Anyone know if the dlc from the goty edition can be installed on the Xbox one, allowing me to play without having the disc in the drive? Haven't received the update yet myself.