How To Read Kotaku Filtered, Extra Smooth

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I think Kotaku is 1000 percent great. I love all of the articles on the site and all of the diverse topics, but there are some of you who don't want to read about certain things.

Here's a solution for you that will spare you the need to scroll!

We've posted about it before, many times before, but it's always good to remind people about the options they have when reading our site.


You can not only read only certain tags, but you can also block stories with certain tags when you read a story.

Here's the quick way to filter out the stories you're not interested in. Just go to the url and put the tag you don't want to read after the not.

For example:


And there you go.

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And the obligatory all-encompassing guide: []

Remember, you can also combine hashtags, for example: