Super Mario World has a crazy glitch where players can warp to the end of the game without actually playing through it. Normally, this glitch might be impossible for all but the most hardcore of players—but with practice, it's something you can do, too.

Mind, doing the infamous "end credits warp" is not easy. Anyone attempting to do is probably going to have to spend a lot of time perfecting their jumps. Still, for those of you brave enough to try it, this informational video by dotsarecool is worth a watch. While he doesn't go into the technical details of how the glitch works (you're basically re-writing the game's code in real time), he does break down step by step what you need to do, and what you need to watch out for.

Broadly speaking, the glitch can be divided into six phases:

There are things in between these phases, which you'll have to watch the video to hear about, but I'll detail the most important parts that you need to get right. The first phase involves these koopas...


You need to stomp on them in a very specific order—3, 4, 2,1. The result should look close to this:


Then, after eating a few shells and spitting them out in specific places, you need to eat ten berries—that part is pretty straightforward. What's not as straightforward is the "glitch berries" part. The easiest way of doing it is to stand to the right of the berry, running at the berry, and then eating it before Yoshi's face hits the berry. Which berries you glitch out like this is up to you—it doesn't matter, so long as you do it before you finish the level.

The point is to try to give yourself a mushroom. You'll use that mushroom when you get near the P-Switch. You'll want to spin jump to destroy the top three blocks holding the P-Switch in place, like so:


On the way down, you have to make sure you get the three coins closest to the P-Switch too. You'll have to take the P-Switch to a specific pipe, at which point you'll kick the P-Switch up. Then you'll return to the blocks, so you can destroy this specific one, on the right:

If you do it correctly, the particles will appear like so:


You don't want to go too far, else your entire run is ruined. Anyway, after that you need to hop back onto Yoshi, and go back to the pipe. You're going to have to drop the mushroom, so that it looks like this:

Make Yoshi eat the mushroom—but you'll want to press and hold X and A, then press and hold right and then let go of A right as Yoshi tries to eat the mushroom. Make sure that Yoshi's tongue extends a tiny bit further than the mushroom. If you do this tricky part correctly, you should see this:


That's when you know you need to stop pressing buttons.

If you manage to do aaaaaall of this correctly, you'll know it: at this point, the game will warp to the end credits.

Think you can do it? Good luck!