How To Play Killzone 3 At Work

It's as simple as attaching a fake set of arms to your back and wearing a double-sided necktie. Just make sure you conceal your PlayStation®Move Sharp Shooter if the boss walks in. If he catches you in hands-on combat action again, you'll be in big trouble, buddy.


But that's ok. You'll be immersed in Killzone 3's huge, highly diverse environments shown in incredible graphic 3D detail. Forget your timesheets and pop into an alien jungle. If you think your boss' assistant is tough, wait until you see Helghast's harsh arctic vistas. Play on your own or grab some coworkers to face off against all-new Helghast enemies with an enhanced arsenal of deadly weapons, including the immensely powerful W.A.S.P. Launcher. Get ready to leave your office behind with jet pack aerial combat and ground-stomping action in the Exoskeleton. Just ask yourself one question: do they really need you in that status meeting?

Click here to order Killzone 3 for PlayStation 3—and be sure to limit your gameplay to work hours.

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