How To Play Goat Simulator's Secret Mini Games

How can a goat play video games? Listen, I don't know. It's better if we don't dwell on things like that, because the point is, you can play a bunch of mini games in Goat Simulator if you know where to look.

Perhaps you've come across "Flappy Goat," while playing Goat Simulator—it's a Flappy Bird clone that you can find inside the game's version of the Coffee Stain Studios office. Most people have found that secret. And if not, make sure to watch the above video by Carrythxd, which shows you how to get there.


Turns out, that's not the only game you can play on the television screen. If you press backspace while in front of the TV, you can play three other games: Drug Wars, Box Pusher and Snake. Here's what it all looks like, pictures via Dragule:

Drug Wars


Box Pusher




Neat. Though, let's be real, none of these will be as fun as the outrageous Goat Simulator itself. But still! You gotta love tiny details like these.

(Via imgur)

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