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How To (Mostly) Shut Up Biomutant’s Annoying Narrator

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Biomutant is out today and if you’ve played the game for more than 30 minutes you probably have a question on your mind: How the fuck do I shut this narrator up? Good news! There’s a slider to do just that buried in the menus.

Biomutant is a lovely-looking game that tries to do a lot, but sadly doesn’t pull it all off successfully. A great example of this is the narrator. Having a fun, charming narrator describe what you’re doing as you progress through a game is potentially a great idea. But that relies on getting the narrator just right, and in Biomutant it’s a mess. The game relies on him way too much, using him as a translator for roughly 99% of in-game conversations. It’s annoying. But worse, he talks a lot during the open-world gameplay, as you explore or fight enemies. He just talks way, way too much. So, here’s how to fix that.

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Screenshot: THQ Nordic / Kotaku

Pause the game and hop into the audio settings. Scroll down and you’ll see two options: one for how often the narrator speaks outside conversations, and one for animal gibberish. I played around with both sliders and I still don’t know what the animal gibberish one does, but the narrator one works. I lowered it to 10 (out of 100) and he barely pipes up. I decided completely turning him off was rude, but that is an option and in my testing, he did completely shut up at 0. Well, mostly. He will still talk during conversations, and when you activate certain objects in the world. There’s no way to shut him up completely. But setting it to 10 or 0 will drastically cut down on how often he mentions the sun going down or how the world is ending.


On the flip side, you can also jack it up to 100 and he’ll talk more often. Maybe you like his voice? I don’t know why you would want to hear him more, but it’s also an option if you desire that.

The game does eventually tell you about this, but I was already looking for a way to jettison him into the sun before Biomutant gave me a heads up about it.