Redditor Gioppi wanted an arcade fight stick, so he built one out of an old keyboard, some cardboard and a broken pencil. It’s not very good.

Here is Gioppi’s Dell keyboard from 2003, from his project gallery.

Here is Gioppi’s keyboard upside-down with many of the keys taken off. He remapped the number keys and arcade stick button keys via his laptop.


Here are Gioppi’s Sanwa-quality arcade controls.


Here is Gioppi’s joystick, affixed via hot glue.


Gioppi’s arcade stick is a horrible work of art. If Leonardo DaVinci had made an arcade stick, it would look just like this, only with an IBM keyboard and a bit less hot glue.

How does Gioppi like his creation?

“Feels like crap, I’m ordering an actual one right now...”

Good man.