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How To Lure 3D TV Customers?

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Not with video games. Not with the World Cup. But with that long standing killer app: pornography.

This summer Sony is bringing 3D games to the PlayStation 3, and Nintendo is introducing its "glasses-free" portable gaming device. But as the Japanese 3D television market begins to heat up, the country's porn industry is hoping to cash in. Last year, it was HD porn titles being streamed through a PS3. This year, it's 3D porn.


"Adult videos will likely be an incentive for consumers to buy a 3-D TV," says content analyst Yuji Fujimori, at Barclays Capital in Tokyo. "It's worth paying attention to the move because it's lack of content that's hindering expansion."

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Blue movie maker S1 No.1Style is releasing the first 3D adult flicks in Japan this June to coincide with the release of Sony's 3D Bravia television. Panasonic began selling 3D TVs in the US this March and in Japan this April.

A pair of upcoming adult titles (3D X Mika Kayama, 3D X Yuma Asami) star two of the countries most popular porn stars. Kayama is known for movies like Sex of Destiny and Unforgettable, while Asami has starred in films like Yuma Asami and the 100 Masturbaters and Let Us Have a Calisthenic Sex. Customers have expressed interest in the 3D adult titles, but are interested in seeing how the image quality is first before splurging on a new television.


Sony and Panasonic declined to comment on the impact that pornography will have on 3D televisions. Though if video and the internet are any sort of indication, it will certainly help.

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Best Buy Customer Rep: "Good afternoon, welcome to Best Buy. What brings you in to see us today?"

Customer: "I'm pretty interested in one of those new 3D tv's but I thought I'd check it out before I buy. I'm a little concerned over the image quality."

Rep: "I understand your concern sir, new technology should cross the proving ground before you open your wallet."

Customer: "Do you have one on display?"

Rep: "We certainly do, follow me."

*brisk walk to tv section*

Rep: "here we are."

Customer: "That looks really good, but these are just regular tv programs, right? They aren't broadcast in 3D."

Rep: "No worries, I have the remedy right here. A Blu-Ray Movie made specifically with this technology in mind..... "Plow Dem Tittays 2".

Customer: *raised eyebrow*

Rep: "So here we are, I'll just skip to the good stuff.........Here we go. Look at how that ass juts out at you as the dude oils that shit up. You get a real sense of depth of the snatch. Just remember it's a television sir, you cannot go deep on her. We've already had a couple returns due to penis injury related incidents."

Customer: "Uh-huh........."

Rep: "Notice how as I fast forward the image integrity remains stable, just looks like that guy's nuts are slapping her chin at about 40mph."

Customer: "Yeah......"

Rep: "So, what do you think? Worth the investment?


Sir, please put your cock away, this is a family establishment."

Customer: "Just ring it up. Now."