How to Keep Up with E3's Biggest News Right Here on Kotaku

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Electronic Entertainment Expo. E3. Say it with me.

It's going to be one hell of a week for us here at Kotaku, as we'll be scrambling to cover every corner of the convention center bringing you news, impressions and possibly some silly pictures. I don't know yet. It's not E3 time yet, stop asking me about the silly pictures.


But the biggest news will undoubtedly come from Monday (June 4) and Tuesday (June 5). We're going to be getting debriefed at several big press conferences, including the big three: Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.

Where will we be? Well, we'll be at the conferences, and at our computers and on Twitter. Where will you be? Online, of course! And you can get second hand debriefed right here at Kotaku, where you can watch the conferences live, and read up on our commentary and news reveals. You can also check in with individual editors' Twitter feeds for extra personality and commentary.

Below is the full schedule for each conference (all Pacific time, as we'll be in LA). You can watch all of them livestreamed on Kotaku (and aired on Spike TV), with some of your favorite Kotaku editors providing pre- and post-show analysis.

If you can't watch, you can read all about it as we break out all the biggest news into articles that you can read on Kotaku or through our official Twitter feed or Facebook page.

If you want every last detail the moment it happens, you'll want to follow certain Kotaku staffers on Twitter (or read their Tweets on Kotaku right below the livestream).

Here's the breakdown:


Day: Monday
Watch it here on Kotaku from: 9:30am-11am (PDT)
Follow these editors: Mike Fahey, Yours Truly, Jason Schreier



Day: Monday
Watch it here on Kotaku from: 1pm-2pm (PDT)
Follow these editors: Owen Good, Chris Person, Kate Cox



Day: Monday
Watch it here on Kotaku from: 3pm-4pm (PDT)
Follow these editors: Tina Amini (me again!), Stephen Totilo, Mike Fahey



Day: Monday
Watch it here on Kotaku from: 6pm-7pm (PDT)
Follow these editors: Chris Person, Mike Fahey, Evan Narcisse



Day: Tuesday
Watch it here on Kotaku from: 9am-10am (PDT)
Follow these editors: Stephen Totilo, Kirk Hamilton, Chris Person


You can expect a ton of coverage in the days following the big press conferences, and YES. Fine. I'll find you some silly pictures to include in said coverage since you won't stop bugging me about it. Sheesh.



What's the best (i.e. highest quality with very few dropouts) and cheapest way of watching E3 video coverage? I don't mind ads. Nintendo will be broadcasting their stuff in their website, but that's only for Nintendo. I'm not sure about the rest.