How To Get Tons of Loot in Diablo III's New Dungeons

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Diablo III's patch 2.1 for the PC introduced new endgame content: Greater Rifts. These are tiered, higher level dungeons with a 15-minute timer and with a boss at the end who almost always drops awesome loot. And there's a smart way to finish these dungeons and get huge amount of legendaries.


Here's Diablo III veteran Kripparrian—the guy who managed to kill Diablo back in the day on the hardest difficulty in hardcore mode, first in the world—with his own take on running Greater Rifts:

It's a 9-minute video, so let me summarize his method below. It's relatively easy and you don't have to cheat or do anything fishy:

  1. When you kill a boss in a normal rift, there's a chance to get a "Keystone of Trials."
  2. Doing a trial with this key will let you do Greater Rifts. These are tiered dungeons, from level 1 to 100. Kill a lot of monsters during the trial and you'll end up in a Greater Rift around level 10-20. Teleport out of the trial and you'll be on level 1. This is exactly what we have to do here.
  3. Level 1 Greater Rifts are a complete joke, so it's easy to rush through them in a few minutes without even losing health. The boss in the end however will almost always drop pretty great loot, legendaries included.
  4. You can upgrade rift levels at the end of the dungeon. Faster clears earn bigger jumps, but if you end up with 4:30 minutes or less left, you'll only jump 1 level. And that's what we have to do. Jump from level 1 to level 2.
  5. Try to do as many lower level rifts as possible, upgrading only one or two levels at the end of each run. Level 25 is the equivalent of the game's hardest difficulty, Torment 6, so lower level runs will be easy for a while. The bosses will almost always drop legendary items and, if you have too much time left on the timer, just teleport out and do some bounties on the world map.

Of course, this might not be the best way to get cool gear if you're already on the hardest difficulty, but otherwise—as you can see in the top screenshot I took, while trying out this strategy—it works really well.

Diablo 3 Manipulating Greater Rifts [Kripparrian, YouTube]

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This same technique is actually recommended when you first start using the new patch. 2.1.0 added Legendary Gems - all of which are awesome - and they set it so that the grift bosses are guaranteed to drop them until you get them all. They're unique across accounts (I think - may just be unique across characters), so you will get one of each. Ignoring the one you get from the Vault, after 8-9 runs you'll probably have them all. This will allow you to pick the gem that works best for your build and begin leveling it.

A note about the gems - they can only go in ring or amulet sockets, and are totally better than any other gem you have in there - my flawless royal topaz got ditched in favor of a Taeguk.

HOWEVER... it may NOT be worth it to shift your two rings and amulet to include sockets. The gems are awesome, but they don't take the place of good stats for crit hits, main stats, or whatnot. So if you can sub in a socketed item that still gives you good stuff, do so. But don't do what I did and try to pull all your choice gear to get extra gems - you won't be satisfied with the results.