How To Get The Airship (Flying Car) In Final Fantasy XV

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You may be wondering, when driving along the open roads of Final Fantasy XV, how to transform your boring old car into the Regalia Type-F and fly around the world. The good news: It’s easy to do. The bad news: You have to finish the game first.


Final Fantasy XV doesn’t make the process super clear, so here’s a quick guide. To get the airship in Final Fantasy XV, you need to do two things:

First, take down all three Niflheim bases. Every time you wipe out one of the Empire’s bases—which you can accomplish either by sneaking around, blowing everyone up, or a combination of the two—you’ll get a unique item. You need all three of these items to get the airship.


Playing through the main story will actually take you through two of these bases. The third, which I wound up beating after I’d finished the game, is located in Leide, just north of Hammerhead:

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Once you’ve done this: 2) Talk to Cindy. And that’s it. She’ll upgrade you to the Regalia Type-F, and soon you’ll be cruising around Lucis, watching Final Fantasy XV go nuts trying to render all that terrain so quickly. (The framerate stays stable, but there’s a lot of pop-in.)

The airship is mostly a novelty. Trying to fly off the map will just lead you to bounce off invisible walls. You can only land on roads, which can be a finicky process, and if you try to land elsewhere—or fly into an obstacle—you’ll get to watch your entire party die in a flaming car wreck. (You’ll get a Game Over, but it’s fun to watch.)


There’s also a secret dungeon—one of the coolest things in the game—that you can only get with the airship. More on that soon.

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I’m not an engineer, so I say this well aware that I’m not qualified to have this opinion, but that does not look in any way, shape, or form a vehicle capable of flight.

I guess if the front tires are gone and rolled back to the back of the car, since I can see four tires back there, maybe there are some little jets shooting straight down like those jets that can do vertical liftoff. But even those aren’t as front-heavy looking at this. The wings are in the back, all they could do is steer, it’s not gonna provide much ability to glide. So the thing’s gonna need those jets super strong and always on.

It’s of course possible to fly, but with that back end ‘rocket’ and wings, you gotta imagine the center of gravity is all the way in the back instead of balanced. And even if they could design it to fly, why would they design it so sub-optimally?

Was it so important to keep the glass roof that you can’t make what looks like that jet fighter in the back just connect with the top of a new, metal roof? Was your prince/king so insistent on a 360 degree view with Swarkovsky crystal that you put his life at risk? If either one of those supposed front tire thrusters go out, there’s no chance of gliding to a reasonable crash landing. You’re basically going to be a birdie/shuttlecock and go straight down.

People complained about the car with 50 wheels in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but at least those were simply useless wheels. This is dangerously, woefully ignorant. And don’t give me none of that ‘fantasy’ or ‘fiction’ stuff. Unless you’re telling me the storyline puts them in a world where there is literally no gravity, ever, they’d need to prepare for emergency landings.

Just seems weird.