One of the most iconic things about Sailor Moon is Usagi's hairdo. Just look at it. Isn't that just terrific? It really is.

Japanese site Naver Matome recently did a roundup on the ways to do this hairstyle. Over the past few years, there have been several explainers on YouTube. Some of them are easy to do. Some are not.

[Photo: ma_ka_30]

Here's a real life version!


[Photo: kazanami_shin]

And from the back.

Via WeHeartIt, this is an easy to follow explainer.


[Image via WeHeartIt]

And if this is too tricky, you can always use a cheat (i.e., a hair tie) and wrap your hair around it.


[Photo: 1989miyabi]

Like so. And that way, pretty much anyone can have Sailor Moon hair.



[Photo: 89camellia]

Well, anyone with long hair.


[Image via Sailor Moon Wikia]

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