World of Warcraft's fifth expansion is not out yet, but thanks to its beta, it's more or less clear what we'll be facing, including the tons of new mounts. BellularGaming's guide is just perfect for mount collectors, showing how to obtain all of them after Draenor goes live.

That's a lot of ground mounts, but since flying won't be an option in the Draenor zones—or at least not right at the start—it's no surprise.


And my favorite ones? Definitely the Core Hound from the level 100 version of Molten Core (#29 in the video) and maybe that flaming Armored Irontusk (#37). That looks rad. Stormwind's main square will be too small for these.

All 42 New Mounts in Warlords of Draenor [YouTube, top gif via MMO Champion]

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