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How To Fix Borderlands 2's PC Performance-Killing DLC Bug [Update]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Many of us here at Kotaku are fans of Borderlands 2's first downloadable content, Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty. The sand skiff is great, the new loot is poppin, and the bosses are super challenging.


But as I played the new content on my PC, I began to notice a problem—anytime I'd enter a big area in the DLC and get into a firefight, the framerate would begin to chug. At first, it wasn't consistent enough to be a problem, but a few hours into the DLC, I hit the rustyards, and things went well and truly off the rails.

10/26 Update: Gearbox has issued a patch that fixes this issue. Get your PhysX on!


It would appear I'm not alone—in this thread in the gearbox forums, plenty of users who report a similar problem. All seem to be using Nvidia cards. I use an Nvidia GTX 660Ti, which previously had given me glorious 60fps gameplay with nifty PhysX effects on top.

In the thread, a Gearbox spokesman reports that "We're working with NVIDIA on this now. A potential fix has been identified and will start testing soon." The problem is also now in Gearbox's support knowledge base, which recommends turning PhysX to "Low" until there's a patch.

That solution worked for me—my game may no longer have those super-cool physics effects, but it does run at a consistent framerate. That said, it's a bummer to have to turn PhysX off—loot-showers look so much better with it on! A Gearbox rep assured me via email that they are indeed working on getting a fix up asap, and mentioned that one of the nice things about Steam is that it's generally less than 24 hours between when a patch finishees testing and when it's deployed.

This isn't the only bug to hit Borderlands 2, but at least it's an easy one to work around.