How To Find An Awesome Thief Easter Egg In Dishonored

There's no question that the classic PC stealth game Thief: The Dark Project was a big influence on Arkane's masterful new game Dishonored.


The folks at Gamefront are up to their usual tricks tracking down easter eggs and references, and have found this just lovely Thief reference in one of Dishonored's later levels. I don't think there are any significant story spoilers in here, though it is from one of the third-act levels.


I'll have to keep an eye out for this on my second playthrough. I just played that part of Thief for the first time a few weeks ago!

Dishonored: How to Find the Thief Easter Egg [Gamefront]

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anyone dont like this game?

it seems to provide you with two choices, kill or dont kill..

the game is thoroughly designed to kill though.. almost every gadget in the game kills, almost every power has to be used to kill..

the onlying you can do while being a pacifist is just to choke hold everyone in the entire game.. and thats it... I'm finding the game to be immensely boring and dull now that i chose the pacifist path..

I'ts an okay game but the core mechanics seem to be a bit broken if you arnt using actual violence..